KudoZ: general

Can friends, family members or close associates participate in my KudoZ questions or answers?

Participation in KudoZ questions, particularly using the peer comment system to "boost" an answer, or in asking and answering to gain KudoZ points, should not be carried out among the profiles of friends, family or close associates, in order to maintain a certain level of transparency in the KudoZ arena. In cases where interacting profiles are shown to be of this type, a mutual block may be applied to the profiles (this blocks the interaction between specific profiles only, not participation in KudoZ at large) to ensure fairness.

See also general site rule 2 for more on why this policy may be enforced.

Access to networking features, which potentially affect other members, may be modified or revoked at the discretion of the ProZ.com team. In particular, KudoZ interaction between profiles may be blocked at the discretion of site staff at any time as a safeguard to preserve the positive, results-oriented atmosphere of KudoZ.