Notifications: KudoZ

I don't want notifications of a particular person's questions. What can I do?

If you become convinced that a certain member is not likely to ask questions that are of interest to you, you may opt to "filter" that member's questions, regardless of your notification settings.

To do so you should go to your KudoZ dashboard: hover over your username, on the top right corner of's site header, until you see a drop-down menu. Under the section My communication settings, select KudoZ email settings.


2019-07-31 11_43_52-Site support _

On your KudoZ dashboard, click on the "Asker flags & filters" tab.

This is the box used for flagging askers. In this case no asker has been filtered yet:

2019-07-31 12_24_24-Translation services, translation jobs, and freelance translators

To filter an asker you should enter the user's ID in the corresponding box and press "Filter asker". If you don't know this number you should click on the "Search" link to open a search tool:

2019-07-31 11_53_43-2019-07-31 11_43_52-Site support _ - Paint

In this case a search by name brings the user's ID and username:

2019-07-31 12_28_13-Translation services, translation jobs, and freelance translators

Once the asker was filtered, it will look like this in your dashboard page:

2019-07-31 12_28_57-Translation services, translation jobs, and freelance translators

Notifications will not be sent to you of filtered askers' questions, even when they do match your notification settings. Also, these questions will not be shown to you when you select KudoZ - Answer questions, even when they match your selection criteria.