ProZ*Pay for Payee

When do I get paid?

When your clients use ProZ*Pay, they will send your money to by the agreed-upon due date. You can check your ProZ*Pay balance and the payment due date via your ProZ*Pay account  .

Payments are made by ProZ*Pay Team: Mondays through Fridays from 1pm - 9pm GMT (9am – 5pm Eastern Standard time), excluding US holidays.

Boostlingo and Effectiff funds are available on the 25th of the month after it was earned. (Example: translation work earned in September would be paid on October 25.

If the 25th of the month is on a US holiday or weekend, then the funds would be available on the closest business day.

For more information about Boostlingo and Effectiff funds please see:


* How much is the amount that I should expect to receive in my account?

* The funds added to my ProZ*Pay account does not correspond to the amount earned.

* Can I request my payment in advance?


* I did not receive my payment from Effectiff