How do I upload an existing glossary?

You can upload an existing glossary using the "Import terms" button on the "My glossaries" section.

Go to the My glossaries section and click on the "Import terms" button. Click on the "Import terms" button and enter your source and target languages. Then, select the glossary you want to add your terms to —or enter the name of a new glossary to be created from your file.Import termsYou can also indicate the glossary's discipline, if you wish.

Next, select a plain text file (CSV or TXT) or, if you prefer, copy-and-paste your glossary into the plain text editor under the "Input directly:" header. Make sure that your glossary follows the standard format glossary, as shown below.

Glossary entries should be specified one-per-line, and in the form:


The Notes and URL fields are optional. Your lines can show different information —that is, you can include notes or URL in one line and not the next without any issues. 


source term<TAB>target term
source term   target term   notes
source term,target term,notes,url

Finally, select the corresponding delimiter and click the "Submit" button.

Note that the maximum allowed file size is 2MB. If you have a glossary file larger than 2MB, please break it up into smaller pieces.