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I see a smaller payment amount after the 25th

If your final payment on the 25th is smaller than what you were expecting, it's likely that some of your monthly calls weren't included in your payment.

This may happen due to time zone differences. Boostlingo shows you your monthly total and your monthly call logs based on your local time zone. However, for payments, Boostlingo will apply the PST time zone. This means that there's a small chance that some calls will actually be paid to you in the month before or the month after. For this reason, if you are taking calls by the end of the month, you may want to check what time it is in the PST time zone. You may always reach out to so that the team can provide you with a file containing all your monthly call logs.

Another reason for not having a call included in your final payment is that calls may be disputed by clients. If the client sent a complaint and they demanded not to be charged for the call, it's likely that the platform will discount this call from your final payment.

Finally, it's also possible that the partner has made a mistake when computing payments. In this case, you can contact the team at, but please check the other alternatives before reaching out.