ProZ*Pay for Payer

How to use ProZ*Pay to close Blue Board non-payment reports

Immediately fund payments to freelancers who opened non-payment report

Should you receive a non-payment report on your Blue Board, payment setup through ProZ*Pay is available quickly. Click the linked ProZ*Pay image from your Blue Board to ProZ*Pay and fund your freelancer's payment. ProZ*Pay will make sure the money gets to the recipient.


In many cases non-payments result from miscommunication and conflicting payment methods: for example, outsourcers have policy of using PayPal and their service providers don't have an account or PayPal doesn't operate in their countries. 

For cases like these, ProZ*Pay may prove valuable to outsourcers and help them save time and efforts. Once a non-payment is entered, outsourcers can see a direct link to ProZ*Pay in the entry to solve the issue right away. 

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Outsourcers see ProZ*Pay links to help clear Blue Board non-payment reports

Solve non-payments on your Blue Board record faster