How can I create my first invoice?

In the top menu, click on "Tools". After that, go to " tools" and then click on "Invoicing".
On the left, click on Create a new invoice.

1. First, select the client. You can enter a new client in [New Client] or search for previous clients in [Search Client].
2. Complete your invoice. Add invoice date, terms, due date, purchase order, currency, etc.
3. Complete the description part.

Please note that in the “Subtotal” part at the bottom, you have the option to “Edit taxes”. If you click there, you will be able to add the corresponding taxes by completing the Tax namePercent and by selecting to which item you would like to apply that tax.

You also have the option to add "Invoice notes" or "Terms and conditions" in case it is necessary.

After completing all the sections, please click on “Save and send”.