How do I edit a glossary entry?

Navigate to the My glossaries section, select the glossary you wish to update, and edit the relevant term. Remember, you cannot edit terms copied from another translator's glossary —you'll need to create a new entry instead.

Once you're at the My glossaries section, click on the glossary you need to update and find the relevant term.

If you're on the glossary view, click on the pencil-shaped button to the right of the term.

If you're on the single-term view, you'll see it as an "Edit" button below the term's header.

Once you've made your changes, click the "Save" button or tap the "Enter" key.

Keep in mind that you won't be able to edit terms that have been copied from another translator's glossary. If you want to update a copied term, you'll need to create a new entry of your own.

Note that these instructions apply only to terms in your personal glossaries. Terms in the site-wide KudoZ glossary can only be edited by a moderator. If you want to suggest a change to a term in the site-wide glossary, you can contact the appropriate moderator using the moderator list.