Payment by PayPal

I was automatically charged twice for membership in a short period of time. What should I do? Should I submit a chargeback with my credit card company?

If your membership was renewed automatically more than once within a very short period of time, it is possible that you may have inadvertently subscribed to the automatic payment method more than once. If this the case, please do not contact your credit card company nor your merchant account before submitting your online support ticket to Once we have received your support request, we'll be able to notify you if you need to contact either the processor or credit card company. Be assured that if you were charged twice, will immediate refund you the amount back to your account. Please contact site staff via the support center to allow us to look further into this matter.

If you have already contacted your credit card company, or your merchant account, if possible, please contact them again to have any chargeback or unauthorized complaint removed, so can handle the refund via our online support system and not incur a fee on our end, nor yours as well.