Blue Board: General

What are the conditions for making an entry concerning your likelihood of working again with an outsourcer?

In order to ensure the goal of the Blue Board, a set of Blue Board rules has been created. Use of the Blue Board that may violate any of these rules as well as general rules is not allowed. 

You may only make entries for clients with whom you have worked on a project and to whom you have delivered work on time and without complaints related to quality. You may not make entries solely on the basis of negotiations, test translations, or other preliminary interactions.

If you have worked on a project with a client but were late or otherwise negligent in delivering work, you may not make an entry for that client. The Blue Board may not be used to threaten outsourcers.

LWA entries and comments accompanying entries are checked by site staff before they are made visible to make sure they are strictly focused on Likelihood of Working Again. This is clearly described in Blue Board rule #7.

'Self-entries' by outsourcers (or by users representing an outsourcer) are not permitted.

Avoid comments that:
- contain offensive language
- include generalizations about the outsourcer
- explicitly discourage others from working with the outsourcer
- contain advertising

Comments requesting that other users contact you for further details about your experience with a particular company are also generally not permitted.

You may make one entry per outsourcer per year--provided that you have worked for the outsourcer again before adding an additional entry.

LWA entries which are made and prove to be in violation of Blue Board rule 2 or Blue Board rule 6 will be removed by site staff. Users who make repeated LWA entries which violate these rules may at site staff's discretion find their use of the LWA system temporarily or permanently blocked.

For more information regarding the use of Blue Board on please check the article “Using the Blue Board” .