Can I request a private forum for discussion/work?

Paying members may request a private forum be created, and invite colleagues to participate. To do this, just submit a support request, stating the name you wish to give the forum and including the profile numbers of any initial participants you wish to include in the forum.

Once the forum is created, it will be assigned to the member(s) who requested it, who will act as the private forum owner(s). The forum owner(s) will be able to add other site users to and remove them from the forum. Only the users invited to the forum (and site staff) will be able to see it, and only the forum owners and members can participate in it. Private forums will not be made public.

Note that private forums are also subject to site forum rules, though in some cases these rules may be interpreted more loosely for the purpose of the private forum. Private forum owners act as moderators in their own private forums and it is their responsibility then to clarify this with all who are invited to participate in the forum.