Profile: tabs

How do I add an image to a customised tab on my profile?

To show an image in a custom tab (a scanned copy of a certificate, a photo, etc.), first you will have to upload the image to an image hosting website such as or

Once your image is uploaded to these websites, they will provide you with a direct link to your image. Copy that link/URL and insert it in the following HTML formula:


This is the complete formula you will copy and paste as the content of your extra customized tab.

Note that the direct URL/link to your image must be preceded by the tag img src=" and followed by the tag ">.

Also, make sure you give a name to your customized tab(s) which tells visitors without looking what they will find there.

If you have trouble with any of this, just submit a support request to get help from the support team on this-- be sure to attach the image(s) you are working with to your request.