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A service provider has commented on his/her likelihood of working again with my business. Can I respond?

Yes. You can post a reply to a service provider's LWA comment directly from your Blue Board record. Note that replies to LWA entries, just as LWA entries, are subject to staff or moderator approval. 

Please submit a support request if you believe the conditions for making an entry have not been met (for example, if a person who has not worked for you has made an entry).

If there seems to have been a misunderstanding, outsourcers are encouraged to communicate directly with those making entries. However, making threats or exerting pressure on a user to cause him or her to change his or her "likelihood of working again" with your business is prohibited, and may result in your right to use being restricted.

Like service provider comments, your responses must be restricted to the work relationship and likelihood of working again. Personal remarks from service providers and outsourcers are not acceptable and will be removed by the site staff upon request.