Payment by credit card

I received a 10754 Error Message from 2Checkout

Please read the following explanation from

Simply put, when orders are being processed, the transaction goes like this:

  1. Our server talks to the CC company server and says "card # *** wants to buy something for $25.00 USD."
  2. The CC company responds with "OK, the card number is valid, I've reserved the $25.00, the funds are available." (Note: funds are reserved, NO charge has been made!)
  3. Our server contacts the CC company and then says, "OK... let's verify things first. The address is... the phone number is... the CVV2 code is..."
  4. The CC company then responds and says "yes, all the information is valid."
  5. Our server contacts the CC company and says, "OK, place the charge."
  6. The CC company then responds with "order complete, card charged."

Sometimes the process completed the first 2 steps and failed at some point between step 3 and 5.

Your card was not charged. There was never a completed transaction. The money that shows as being charges are simply the funds that have been reserved. Normally, these funds are released by the CC company within a few days when their system recognizes that there was no completed transaction.

You will need to attempt your transaction again, this time using PayPal as the payment method instead. PayPal accepts credit cards as well, and their transaction fee is lower than the dedicated credit card processor.

If you find that either of the pending transactions are posted to your account, please open a support ticket and we will promptly refund your money.