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How do I register for a SDL Trados certified training?

First, select a session from the upcoming training sessions list here: Certification Training.

Once at the session page, check training program and click on the "buy" button on the tight upper corner.

Available slots are limited and will be assigned to registered and paid participants as soon as payment is reported. There needs to be a minimum of 6 students to conduct this training session. If the minimum of paid students is not reached 24 hours and one hour before the session is to take place, you will be notified and asked to book your seat in an upcoming session without extra cost or transaction from your part.

If you are paying by wire transfer, the payment may take up to two weeks to be processed. Report payment details via support, if needed. After your payment is received, your status will be changed to "registered and paid" and your spot for the session will be secured.

An email with a join link will be emailed to you, 24 hours and one hour before the session. An invoice and receipt of payment will be emailed to you for your records.

Payment in local currency is available in some countries. Please contact the local organizer or Training session coordinator for more information.