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How can I quote?

Note that not all job postings accept quotes. Some outsourcers prefer to be contacted directly via email and so their email address is made visible in the "Contact method" section of the job posting (and so the "Submit quote" button is not visible).

However, when the particular job posting you are interested in is accepting quotes, to begin the process you need to click on the "Submit Quote" button at the top or bottom of the posting to be able to enter your proposed rate. Once you are on the "Quote Form", you will be able to submit your rate that you are willing to work for.

Once you finally submit your quote to the outsourcer, they are given the option to select "No action", "No thank you", or "Accept" regarding your quote. 

To view past quotes, please click on "My Quotes" in the "Jobs" menu bar on the homepage.

Note: It will soon no longer be possible for non-members of the site to use cash to quote on jobs. In other words, the ability to reply to a job posting for which the specified contact method is to submit a quote through the site will be a members-only service. See the announcement: